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Thinking about starting a garden this spring? Want to learn how to reduce waste and save money? Green Neighbors can help! Start right here to learn about everything from energy efficiency to tracking weather or wildlife in your backyard. Get involved with community activities or and upcoming events. Green Neighbors is an information treasure-trove for making your home and Clark County the best they can be.

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As a Green Neighbor who loves to garden, watch birds and look at weather, you might also want to be part of our new WildWatch program.

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We've gathered a ton of GREEN resources and put them all in one place just for you. Use the quick links below to jump to a topic.

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How can you be more eco-friendly at home? Check out the Interactive House to learn more ways to green up your house and yard!

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Green Tips

Recycling Day Every Day!

Did you know that Recycling Day can actually be every day ?!! Curbside : lots of items can be recycled in your blue cart serviced by Waste Connections . You can even recycle small, household ba...

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Latest News

30 October 2015
What has happened with Halloween costumes? As a kid, I remember when Halloween rolled around, we would scavenge around our home to see what we could piece together to make a costume. It was like a treasure hunt. It required creativity, thoughtfulness, usually no money and a whole lot of fun.Now, we are inundated with fancy, high dollar costumes. Th...
29 September 2015
Have you ever dumped unwanted pills down the toilet or tossed them in the trash? We have been there too, unsure how to properly dispose of unwanted or expired medications. That is why we teamed up with the Clark County Sheriff's Office and PREVENT this last Saturday for the Tenth Biannual Medication Take Back Event. With three dis...

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