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The Clark County Green Neighbors Program is coordinated by Clark County Public Health’s Solid Waste and Environmental Outreach to assist citizens with developing more sustainable lifestyles and building a strong environmental community in Clark County. Solid waste regional planning and programs are a cooperative effort of Battle Ground, Camas, Clark County, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Washougal, and Yacolt.

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I pledge to thoroughly read the label on each individual household cleaning product I use during the challenge to reinforce my understanding of health and safety risks and proper usage.

Spray bottleHousehold cleaning products are not without risk. Improper storage and handling in the home can be dangerous to adults, children and pets. Improper disposal of household cleaning products can cause harm to sanitation workers, contaminate septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants as well as pollute the land, water and the air. Every household cleaning product has detailed label instructions that specify how to use, the correct quantity to use and how to safely handle the product. By reading the label, you may find that you can reduce the amount of product you use and still clean effectively. You may also learn a thing or two about the potential health and safety risks of purchasing chemical cleaning products.

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Tips for handling household cleaning products

Here are some things you can do to ensure proper use, storage and disposal of household cleaning products:

  • Read household cleaning product label instructions. When buying a product, read the label first to ensure you are buying a product that you need. This will prevent purchasing the wrong product by mistake and wasting it. Before using the product, read the label so you understand the instructions on proper use and needed personal protection, such as gloves, goggles or a mask. Following the label instructions will ensure that you are using the product safely and are not using more product than is necessary. This will prevent waste and protect your health and safety.
  • Follow the instructions for proper storage. Household cleaning products should stay in their original container unless instructed otherwise by the label. This will prevent other containers from corroding or accidental chemical mixing. It will also ensure the label instructions stay with the product.
  • Dispose of household cleaning products properly. Use the RecycleRight app and web tool to look up sites that accept household cleaning products and other household hazardous waste at no cost. Many items that qualify as household hazardous waste shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain because of the risk of contaminating streams, lakes and rivers.
  • Use green cleaning as an alternative to chemical cleaners! It’s easy, better for the environment and cheaper than chemical cleaners. Visit Clark County Composter Recycler for homemade green cleaning recipes, upcoming workshops and videos.

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